WARNING>> People, especially young women, please avoid doing business with this predator.

He has a history of serial stalking and preying on those of wealthy means via the internet.

He is currently self-promoting his own film company ‘Excalibur Moving Pictures’ in Ireland. He will travel to aid in the self-promotion of his alleged talents. He is looking for funding for this company, also for a film which condones the rape of two young children.

Dean Shepperd is not the reputable person he has been alluding to others through his various methods of social networking. This guy is untrustworthy and a dishonest manipulator.

Dean Shepperd

Once exposed for his malicious head-games this cretin will stop at nothing to tarnish your reputation to others. Please be warned as those earlier warnings we received about Dean Shepperd were very true and correct. We found out the hard way, do not be fooled by this man’s charm and whining lyricism it is all an act.