We recently received yet another complaint about this sick predator (insert below) who is clearly still out to con and take what ever he can get his filthy hands on.  Please be warned this con man Shepperd is only after your money to fund his keep.  He will romance you,  lie to you, try to get you into bed, that seals the deal with this predator, then he will weazel his way into your bank account.  Thank-you to another victim for coming forward,  your word counts and is very much appreciated.  Please take care of yourself.

jenny said: March 30, 2009 at 1:05 am e

“Dean wooed me for a while by phone…said he was working in a bank at the time but was setting up a film co and wanted to be a director..which seemed a bit strange at his age….i unfortunately feel for him and slept with him …then after a while he said he had too much in his head and suffered from blue days…he suggested i invest in his film company…it ended v strangely and he said he was going back to southampton…i was shocked to see this and hope this helps other women not to fall for his looks.charm and wit….”

When you read the profiles on Dean Shepperd listed below,  do not buy into any of it,  it is all lies on his part, a false charade of this aging lothario to con you out of what belongs to you.  He builds up his deflating ego by tearing you down. He will only use you until he gets what he wants.

Dean Dennis Shepperd Wannabe Expressionist Artist – Failed Film Director Cons Again

Excalibur Moving Pictures – Original Con

Another Facebook Link – Further Delusions of Grandeur – You will need to be a registered member of Facebook to view

Linkedin – Profile – Recently deleted by Dean as was his original Myspace trap, wonders why?

Dean Shepperd is an emotional vampire, con man, liar & serial player,  he should never be trusted and should always be avoided. Beware of his need to project and shift-blame onto his former victims. Shepperd will lie, stating an “obsessed ex girlfriend” is the reason why this information is out there. He is lying, as you can observe by the comments having already been made on this site. Hence his overwhelming need to keep editing and deleting, yet again re-inventing his entire life history.

Below yet another victim of Shepperd’s comes forward and makes a statement:

Cathy said: January 17, 2011 at 8:18 pm e

Dean has yet again reinvented himself, now well into his 50′s, he is now going by his full name ‘Dean Dennis Shepperd’.
He has obviously failed in his attempt at trying to be a film director to con and is now re-labeling himself as a “self taught Photographer, Expressionist Artist & Writer”. We have heard it all before Dean.

Watch out for a long over-due book (he bragged on about the same book well over a decade ago to former targets) of his “love poetry” titled “The Passion”. He has used this type of poetry to con women in the past online, as those of you who have already been duped by this conman are all well aware.

Also find enclosed a copy of his new lengthy lines of lure, notice the similarity to his former blurb about being an oh “so passionate” about his craft as a film director. Go to http://cyberpaths.blogspot.com/ to read more about him and his type, very educational. Also be wary when he labels you all as “an obsessed ex- girlfriend” … typical knee-jerk behavior of a predator once he has been caught out and exposed:

Dean Dennis Shepperd Uses Unsuspecting Vulnerable to Enable His Delusions of Grandeur :

Website:http://www.virtueyouth.org.ukPersonal Information:
(Typical shoring up his belief system by using people who are in a vulnerable position to make himself look like a decent person …. He is far from decent). Like all predators he has an agenda to take you for all he can get.

NB… Abridged, full response can be viewed in comments section.